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lV International Medical Conference “Brain, Emotions and Relations” (Wroclaw, Poland)

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lV International Medical Conference “Brain, Emotions and Relations” (Wroclaw, Poland)

Dr.Vel: Vertebral disorders and how it affects the physiological and psychological development of children

See more about the conference https://imc.wroc.pl/relacja-z-miedzynarodowej-konferencji-medycznej-2016/ 

Today I would like to talk about our children. The level of medicine is rising. There are more and more successes in the treatment of various diseases, development of newer and newer drugs, including anticonvulsants, new rehabilitation methods. In spite of this, the number of sick children is not falling but increasing.

We frequently face the diagnoses infantile cerebral paralysis and autism. I would like to note here that these diagnoses are often made based on unexplained aetiology. More and more often we meet see children with secondary epilepsy. We say secondary because, while making all of these uncertained diagnoses, no primary cause has been diagnosed. Every treatment is aimed at healing the symptoms but almost never at eliminating the cause.

Osteopath’s opinion on treating autism

Posted on 25.07.2013 at 9:58am by Dr. Vel 3 Comments
Osteopath’s opinion on treating autism

Autism is a disease resulted from cerebral blood circulation disorder that results in arrested development or progressive brain degradation. It is characterized by the deficit of social interaction and decrease of communication, as well as limited interests and sometimes repeated movements if the disease is a result of schizophrenia.

The core of the disease is hidden in the so-called mirror neurons or in the nutrition disorder due to lack of oxygen in central parts of the brain. These cells are responsible for the ability to perceive and feel happiness, imagine our future, the ability to empathize, understand other people’s motivation. Mirror neurons are located in various parts of human brain, while their functions are very complicated. Owing to these cells we are able, for example, to react to other person’s pain or to imitate others.

Blood circulation disorder in central parts of human brain first affects cerebellum, its electric potential dramatically increases. Hypothalamus and hypophysis are affected next.

Cerebellum is responsible for complicated muscular movements. For this reason the face of a child suffering from autism becomes less active (mobile), its features become more harsh and stiff.

Hostages of the Infantile Cerebral Paralysis Diagnosis

Posted on 18.07.2013 at 7:37am by Dr. Vel 14 Comments
Hostages of the Infantile Cerebral Paralysis Diagnosis

The ICP abbreviation (Infantile Cerebral Paralysis) scares all parents and often looks like a verdict. Those who have dealt with the problem of infantile cerebral paralysis know how vague the causes of the disease and the accuracy of the diagnosis can be. Modern medicine is not willing to try to help children avoid this dreadful diagnosis. On the contrary, physicians mostly try to ignore it and get rid of the unfortunate parents. They explain their carelessness and unwillingness to deal with these children by a simple professional wording “What else did you expect? Your child has ICP”.

As for those who did reach out to Medical Justice and start treatment and rehabilitation, they soon understand that the time creeps on with no obvious improvements. It is just that physicians tend to make an ICP diagnosis by judging the symptoms. None of them cares to look into the causes of these symptoms.

Patients come to us with the following complaints

Posted on 14.07.2013 at 3:36pm by Dr. Vel 10 Comments
Patients come to us with the following complaints

– pain in the neck that passes into the head
– pain in the neck when tilting your head back
– a feeling of “pins and needles” in your face, head and eyes
– red eyes in the evening and bursting pain from the inside
– pain in the eyes when closing them
– “hot flashes” in the head, accompanied by headache
– trouble breathing
– throbbing throat pain
– finger pain

DR. VEL offers diagnosis and treatment of the following disorders

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DR. VEL offers diagnosis and treatment of the following disorders
  • curvature of the spine (scoliosis, kyphosis, hyperlordosis)
  • pain in the neck, shoulder blade pain, low back pain, tailbone pain
  • flat feet
  • protrusion
  • osteochondrosis
  • arthrosis
  • numbness of limbs
  • bilious headache (migraine)
  • cerebral circulation disorder
  • breathing difficult
  • eyesight deterioration, hearing deterioration, sleep disorder, Intracranial hypertension as a result of cerebral circulation disorder
  • hydrocephalus
  • hip dysplasia
  • rehabilitation of children diagnosed with cerebral palsy