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Hostages of the Infantile Cerebral Paralysis Diagnosis

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The ICP abbreviation (Infantile Cerebral Paralysis) scares all parents and often looks like a verdict. Those who have dealt with the problem of infantile cerebral paralysis know how vague the causes of the disease and the accuracy of the diagnosis can be. Modern medicine is not willing to try to help children avoid this dreadful diagnosis. On the contrary, physicians mostly try to ignore it and get rid of the unfortunate parents. They explain their carelessness and unwillingness to deal with these children by a simple professional wording “What else did you expect? Your child has ICP”.

As for those who did reach out to Medical Justice and start treatment and rehabilitation, they soon understand that the time creeps on with no obvious improvements. It is just that physicians tend to make an ICP diagnosis by judging the symptoms. None of them cares to look into the causes of these symptoms.

Here is an example: 1.4yr old boy Pavel diagnosed with ICP. Symptoms: hydrocephaly, abasia (inability to walk), motion coordination disorder, mutism (retardation of speech), arm motor activity disorder, convulsive disorder. Fit of crying followed by an extension spasm. In the disease history it says: birth trauma.

 Instability of the 2, 3, 4 cervical vertebrae was discovered at a perfunctory inspection. Pavel is being observed at his district clinic. However, when we asked for the X-ray cervical examination results, we were surprised to find out that local doctors didn’t pay any attention to the cervical spine pathology. No cervical investigations of any kind were carried out! All this time, since the very birth, only symptomatic treatment was provided. The child was doomed.

 After additional examination was carried, out our assumptions were confirmed. The diagnosis was birth trauma, atlantoaxial articulation subluxation, listhesis C 2; C 2, 3, 4 roots compression, cerebrospinal fluid dynamics disorder and as a result vertebra-basilar insufficiency, hydrocephaly and brain hypoxia.

 After treatment aimed at cervical spine correction Pavel no longer suffers from convulsions (after 4 sessions of treatment), has learned how to sit up (after 6 sessions), crawl unassisted and walk holding onto the sofa (after 8 sessions). “Nonsense!” you would say? No, it is not! It is the accurately discovered cause of the symptoms and set diagnosis.

 A great number of examples could be given. This is by no means a single instance. The Zaporizhzhya Spine and Joints Treatment Centre “Atlant Plus” was founded 10 years ago. “Atlant Plus” is the author of locomotive system and CNS (central nervous system) rehabilitation technique. The key idea is the influence upon musculoskeletal system in order to remove hypermuscle tone and the pain syndrome connected with it; increase in motion of affected joints; mobilization of spine-movement segment; enhancement and stimulation of the local blood microcirculation; nerve impulse transfer rehabilitation and maximum improvement of liquor dynamics.

 By applying this technique its author, who founded Spine and Joints Treatment Centre “Atlant Plus”, has achieved outstanding results in treating primary spine and joints pathologies, as well as posttraumatic disorders. At the bottom of the technique lies elimination of the cause of a disease, not symptomatic treatment and surgical intervention.

With the help of this technique it is possible to not only eliminate the cause of a skeleton disease but also to remove a great number of visceral diseases. Nowadays treating many diseases by traditional methods is doomed to failure because their causes were not clarified.

 Using this unconventional approach to elimination of children’s disability causes, notably natal traumas and consequences of childhood injuries, it is possible to improve the lives of doomed children and to bring up a healthy, happy generation of our heirs. We create our future today, not tomorrow!


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